FTM Transition: My First Year on Testosterone

My transition journey as a middle-aged transgender man

Grayson Bell
5 min readJun 14, 2019

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Two years ago, I began my transition journey. It began with my social transition, when I came out to my close friends and family. I also began wearing a binder, got a more masculine haircut, and sought out a therapist. I took the time in therapy that was necessary to make sure that a medical transition was the right course of action for me. Once I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, I was then referred to an endocrinologist in order to begin my medical transition.

My Medical Transition Journey

It has now been one year since receiving my first injection of testosterone. Before I received that shot, I had done a lot of research to understand what I should expect. My endocrinologist was impressed with how well-informed I was, although he did have to correct a few things based on his experience with his patients.

On a side-note, during my first visit to the endocrinologist, he found a lump on my thyroid. So, while I was going through the beginning of my medical transition, I had the worry I may have thyroid cancer. Thankfully, it turned out to be benign, but I had to go through surgery to find out.

I was on the verge of menopause when I began my transition, so my transition experience has been and will continue to be somewhat different from younger transgender men. This is why I wanted to write this article, so other transgender men in my generation who may be considering a medical transition could have a peer to relate to.

After being on testosterone for a year, I have had some notable changes. Some changes happened faster than I expected, while others are going slower. Regardless, I already feel more comfortable in my own skin that I have since before I hit puberty. It’s great to feel like myself again.

Physical Changes After One Year on Testosterone

These are all the notable changes that testosterone has done in the past year. (Warning, I will mention genitalia and other anatomical changes).

Bottom growth and libido. This is the first change I noticed. Within a week of getting my first injection, my libido…

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